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July 1, 2024 by Tayler Fuerst0

We left at first light, heading out of the harbour with the morning sunrise peering up over the horizon.

A bit of fog laid over the fishing grounds as we ran out to the lighthouse to begin fishing for Chinook. We drop lines, begin to troll with the wind at our back and I turn on some tunes to set the vibe for the day. The first bite of the morning is a good one, taking line which then got everyone on the boat involved. I’ve got one guest holding the net and recording the fight on my GoPro while the other plays the fish. When we get it into the boat, high fives are shared all around. It’s a mid teener, a great start but we’re now looking for something bigger.

A few missed bites and some small fish released conclude the morning as we head to the Driftwood for lunch. I take the time while my guests are eating on the DW to clean the boat and plan the afternoon – We’re going bottom fishing for Halibut, Lingcod and Rockfish at the Pinnacles, where the fleet has had success recently. After getting the radio call that my guests are ready for pick up at the Driftwood, I swing by and we continue with our day!

We drop in and get a keeper Halibut right away, along with a ping pong paddle sized one we throw back. A couple of drifts later we have our two Halibut and are now focusing on Ling/Rockfish on the rocky shelf nearby.

The first drop doesn’t go as planned, with both guests hooking the rock I have to cut one of the lines while snapping the other. After a quick pep talk about what bottom feels like and how important it is to keep the lures off bottom when fishing a rocky outcropping, we start to have success. One Rockfish and a medium sized Ling were the result of some coaching and now my guests have a feel for it. We rinse and repeat 4 or 5 drifts and limit out on Lingcod, with a few Rockfish mixed in.

It’s time to finish the day offshore to find some Coho or Chum for the bonus salmon species but after two hours we’ve had enough and head in. Heads are held high knowing that we’re bringing an assortment of species back!

QCL Guide, Tommy G

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