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Mark the Date!  May 28 – June 1, 2018

Last June we held our first ever fishing derby targeting only bottom fish – halibut and lingcod specifically – and it was a resounding success!  Where salmon has been “king” for decades, we’re certainly seeing our time divided among lots of different fisheries.  The early season in Haida Gwaii has proven to be an excellent time to go after large-size lingcod and halibut.  They have voracious appetites and feed quite aggressively.  QCL guests have really taken to exploring the offshore waters and have been jigging up a storm!  New and improved depth sounder and GPS technology have added a whole new dimension of experiences to a QCL fishing trip.

The 2017 Derby produced some impressive catches last June.  John F took the prize for largest Lingcod with a 37-pounder while the largest halibut to the dock for the derby weighed in at 55 pounds for Kyle Q.  Anglers in the derby probed around all sorts of structure on our fishing grounds to find a wealth of fantastic bottom fishing.  Released halibut were not part of this tournament so some most impressive catches were carefully turned back to swim again.  Alan S released a 100-pounder on Wednesday and on Thursday we recorded halibut releases by Keith B – 115 lb. and Jeff F – 118 lb..  A forty-five minute battle concluded early Thursday morning with the measurement of a 78-inch halibut caught by Dana A which translates to 255 pounds!  His guide Mark Kasumovich was able to get the proverbial “barn door” stretched out peacefully at the surface long enough to get some accurate numbers along with photos and some video.  All in all, it turned out to be a fantastic week.

The 2018 Jig-a-Pig Derby is set for Monday May 28th thru Friday June 1st.  Many of this year’s participants are booked to return and they’re bringing friends!  If you’d like to get in on this fun and exciting event be sure to contact us soon!


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It’s another year in mid-June and it’s time again for Queen Charlotte Lodge’s annual Kingfisher Derby.

Anticipation and excitement among guests and guides was high for the shotgun start at Cape Naden. At 12 noon the horn went off and all participating boats raced to their favourite fishing spot between Cape Naden and Klashwun Point. Between my four guests from Quebec and myself we decided to fish Bird Rock One, a spot that doesn’t get hit hard and gets looked over by many. On the first pass we hit a shaker, a small feeder Chinook.  Over the first couple of hours the radio was fairly quiet, with only a few radio calls to the derby weigh boats. After a quick lunch break on the Driftwood the leading C&R fish was scored 28.9, a respectable leader for the early start of the 3-day trip.

With no boats at Bird Rock we went back and scraped the wall and worked the east bay. With an hour before the tide change Bird One was looking fishy and setting up really nice. After a few passes along the wall the outside rod went off, popped the clip and line started sizzling off of the reel. My guest Mathieu Savard was on the rod playing his first ever Chinook salmon and he was into a good one. Long screaming runs had the boys quiet as the concentration and focus was intense.  A lengthy battle ensued and after a 25-minute fight the big Chinook was in the bag.  After a brief discussion we entered the fish as a release, it scored 32.01, a solid fish to take the lead for Day One.  Shortly afterward a call to the weighmaster from another boat which scored 35.07 resulted in Mathieu’s fish getting bumped to second overall at the end of Friday.  Well done Mathieu, that was a fun ride to be a part of!

Best of luck to all derby participants over the rest of the trip…enjoy your time out there!  Keep your tip up, line tight and hang on for the ride.

Jeff ‘Smurf’


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Heading into one of the more exciting weekends of the summer, today we kicked off our 15th Annual Kingfisher Derby and it’s the biggest ever!  Sixty-four anglers are vying for $128000 in prize money.  This is a catch & release derby where all Chinook salmon entered are officially scored, revived and released by derby weighmasters.  The 3-day event concludes on Sunday at 7:00 pm when the prizes will be awarded for the three largest salmon released, plus daily winners and a single $10000 prize for the largest killed fish.  Stay tuned for the results!

The past few days have been consistent with last week’s fishery – lots of feisty feeder springs in the 130-foot line offshore and the occasional larger fish showing up in the mix.  The big fish this week was a stunning 36-pounder for first timer Trista B – a particularly good omen in this instance as Trista answered her boyfriend Andrew’s proposal with a resounding YES!  It’s truly a celebration Tyee!  Congratulations!

QCL salmon fishingQCL salmon fishing






Our halibut fishery continues to be especially rewarding, whether you’re seeking some perfect “chickens and turkeys” for the table or you love the challenge of finding “Wally” the barn door out there.  We’ve got it all in that department… the waters of Virago Sound provide lots of perfect structure for halibut and other groundfish.  Several big keepers kept the Bell Ringin’ each evening.  Joining the venerable 100-Pounder Club this week were Kevin C who managed to haul up a 110 and a 120-pound halibut!  Brad H released a 148, Mike N battled a 122 pounder to the top and David C called up some real grit to raise a monster alongside the boat that taped out to 76 inches in length for a calculated weight of 234 pounds!  It’s often amazing to go jigging because you just never know what you might hook up with down there.  Well done David and Congratulations to you and your guide Jeevan for such an awesome achievement!

Naden Harbour in Haida GwaII


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Up here in Haida Gwaii we’re fortunate to have such a long productive fishing season.  While the makeup of the fishery changes as the weeks go by, we generally have pretty consistent action in comparison to most other locations.  We refer to these waters as the gateway from the open North Pacific through which pass so many different runs of salmon on the return journey to their natal streams.  Potentially every day we see salmon on their way to different river systems and the differences in strains can be noticeable.  These days, in the early season, we commonly see lots of “feeder Springs” – powerful fighters and aggressive feeders, they’re generally in the 12-18 pound class.  But it’s rarely just one run coming through at a time.  This weekend we noticed an increase in the number of fish in the low twenties and we’re getting the odd Tyee (over 30) as well.  And to top it off, really huge salmon can pass by anytime.  In 26 years we’ve literally caught a 50+ pound salmon during every trip of the season.  Every day we head out on the water we’re eager to discover just who’s swimming our way!  With access to so many runs, we never know.  That’s just another part of what makes fishing so exciting!

While most anglers manage to get their fill of salmon it was the bottom fishing that garnered all the recognition this weekend.  Several nice halibut and lingcod showed up at the dock and the Bell Ringer was rockin’ every night.  Quite a few halibut in the 30-50 pound size were taken and notable releases were a 77 pounder for Andrew M, a 90 for Curtis L and a 121 pound prize for Remo T.  The big halibut this week scored 148 lb and Aubrey C was the successful angler, receiving her gold halibut pin and a place on the QCL Halibut Club board along with Remo.  Lingcod are a popular catch for QCL anglers as well and we saw some wonderful 20-pound-plus fish at the scale on the weekend with the largest being a 32 for Anita A.  Well done!  We enjoy hosting derbies for many of our groups and this weekend saw the top salmon prize for the Annual Legends Cup go to Ken K for his stunning 33-pound Tyee, caught while fishing with guide Isaiah Dahl.  Congratulations Ken!

Looking at the week ahead we’ve got a mixed bag of weather in the forecast, winds west to south to southeast to east and back to west by Friday.  Tides are moderate with swings of 7-12 feet.

QCL fishing for halibut and salmon


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Energy was high on the dock this changeover, a new group of guests were arriving and the weekend brought in the first big fish of the season. There where multiple Tyees caught on the weekend, capped off by a 54 on Friday and a 61 on Sunday! As guides, this is exactly what we have been waiting for! As a whole we are all just a little bit more on edge, aware that any bite could be that fish of a lifetime.

Getting Started(Thanks! Roger Baker for the photo!)



60623164_wEvery day we are seeing more bait, more diving birds and more seagulls on large bait balls. Yesterday while fishing in Yatze bay there where huge bait balls for over three hundred yards in the tide line and you could see salmon slashing through them just under the surface of the water. Things are setting up real nice and it’s time to start grinding for those trophy class slabs.


Dan “Rainman”


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Persistent westerly winds have been pushing tons of bait into the fishing grounds this week and with the bait comes all forms of sea life!  Humpback whales are a constant presence in the quiet coves between the Mazzaredo Islands and Green Point.  It’s amazing to watch them work their massive bodies around the rocky outcrops, doing headstands underwater, their broad tails waving at us as they corner schools of needlefish against the rocky walls below.  They go about their business patiently, moving back and forth along the shore for hours.  Savvy anglers recognize the feeding whale as a good sign that the salmon will also be there to get their share.  Many a good salmon catch has come right from the whale’s dining room!

Cape Naden continues to be the most productive spot on our grounds, partly because it’s seen the most boats but also because the bait is hanging in that area. Parker Point, Bird 2 and Yatze have all produced decent action at some time during the day.  While we haven’t had much problem with sea lions this summer, there were a couple of busy ones at Cape Naden and Bird 2 on Sunday, helping themselves to the odd Chinook.  With the approaching full moon the flood tides have been more productive than the ebbs and the slack periods are brief but rewarding for those who get their timing right!

We’ve seen some nice big Chinooks come to the scale in the past few days – 35, 35, 36 on Tuesday, 30, 31, 37, 38, 46 on Wednesday, and 32, 38, 38, 43 on Thursday.   It promised big things for the weekend Kingfisher Derby, our 14th annual.  But the action slowed considerably and derby participants worked very hard to find Tyee-class salmon for our popular Catch & Release event.  A handful of Tyees were recorded but no one was able to best Steve Rule’s catch on Saturday that taped out to 33.3 pounds, winning him the $40,000 top prize.  Miles D boated the largest salmon of the weekend with a beautiful 37 pounder on Sunday afternoon, but he wasn’t in the derby! (shades of 2015 when Russ B weighed in a 50-pounder to not win the derby for the same reason!)  Congratulations go out to Steve and his Denver team who did very very well in the overall scoring!


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Fishing derbies can often bring out a secretive and overly competitive nature in many anglers regardless of what grand prizes are at stake. Here at Queen Charlotte Lodge we host a few derbies each year which often include both guided as well as unguided guests and we try to eliminate these negative aspects about the sport.

Our most popular event is the annual Kingfisher Derby. The Kingfisher Derby has a large emphasis on catch and release of large Chinook salmon. Every year our guide team has a derby amongst themselves for the single largest Chinook guided into during the entire season, whether it is caught and released or retained. This derby includes a small cash buy in but the emphasis for us involved is to have fun, continue to always work as a team, to always think about sharing information as the guest experience comes first and again to have fun. The winner has bragging rights until next season.

Currently QCL is hosting the North American Fishing Classic. Today we wrapped up day two and guests and guides alike are grinding the kelp beds hard, searching for those monster hogs to take the daily prize for largest Chinook caught. There have been some beauties caught on both days so far with several in the 30 and 40 pound class. Spirits are high as there are still two days left.

Today a non-derby angler, guided by QCL guide Coady D, caught and released a beauty 51 pounder – a stunning gold pin winning, 5 Bell Ringer, solid silver slab of a fish!  Well done guys, thanks for putting it back!  Fishing is supposed to be an enjoyable and relaxing sport shared by friends and family alike. But sometimes a little well-intended competition never hurts to bring out the positive and hopeful passion of an angler!

Keep your rods bent, nets ready and hang on for the ride!

Jeff “Smurf”

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